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JI Exclusive – “Yosef Chaim”, The debut CD “Lo Lefached‬‪” SAMPLER

Sameach Music proudly presents the debut album release of "Yosef Chaim", The CD titled "Lo Lefached‬‪" features all new material from the very talented ‬‪‬‪Yosef Chaim. Yosef Chaim has had a very successful career so far on the wedding circuit. He has spent the last couple years working hard to create a best selling album, one that will surely remain a classic for years to come!

Lo Lefached features songs sure to stir the deepest emotions, and horas that will "hit the spot." The songs on the album are composed by Moshe Dovid Shwekey, Moshe Laufer, Yitzchok Rubin, Yitzy Schwartz and Mendy Wertzberger. The album features musical arrangements by Moshe Laufer, Ruvi Bannet, Yisroel Lamm, Yonatan Raz’el and Moshe Roth.

We hope you will agree that Lo Lefached will mark a milestone in the history of Jewish Music! The album will be available through Sameach Music and will be available next week. Till then enjoy the sampler below.

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  1. yakov
    yakov 11 June, 2009, 08:53

    wow i never thought id say that, but at times i actually enjoy his voice more than yaakovs. Yakov will have times will hell overdo his shtick and kvetching , i enjoy yosef chaims sweetness yet richness. . impressed. . . go yosef chaim go, u show yochi 4 not letting u use “shwekey” lol

  2. abcd
    abcd 11 June, 2009, 17:26

    well he is very good, but he still doesn’t really come close to his brother (maybe with a few years good training!), and his style is somewhat similar too.

  3. shmuly
    shmuly 11 June, 2009, 21:01

    He does sound eerily similar to Yaakov. At times when he goes high he may even sound better than Yaakov, a little purer than Yaakov, but overall his voice doesn’t sound as full as Yaakov’s.
    Also, every one of Yaakov’s albums consisted of world-class songs. I know it’s only a small sample size, but what do you guys think about the actual songs on this sampler?
    Finally, it’s amazing how many singers (although each does their own individual style) are similar to Yaakov’s voice/style: Gabay, Pruz and now Yosef chaim. But I love them all!
    I can’t wait to buy this album!

  4. Frenchy
    Frenchy 19 June, 2009, 13:47

    I agree with Yakov #1. Yakkov shwekey does to much shtick which makes his voice sound artificial. Yosef Chaim has the same beautiful voice but without all the add-ons.

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