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Jewish International Super-star, Gad Elbaz Releases A New Song “Mimaamakim”

Jewish International Super-star, Gad Elbaz Releases A New Song “Mimaamakim”

In these difficult times which we are experiencing we are being brought back to our roots where there is only one truth, the deep.

We are all living in a difficult time right now and from the flood of thoughts, feelings and emotions, this special song came to him.

With words from Mati Arama and the melody from Mendi Lipsker, Gad was able to produce this beautiful song.

The music video was filmed in his apartment on the Miami beachfront so that the links between the depth of the ocean and the depth of the emotions that Gad experienced can be connected. All this can be felt through the amazing directing of Zvika Bornstein.

After dozens of albums filled with international hits, millions of views on the internet and hundreds of performances on every possible stage even Gad’s world comes to a stand-still.

The virus that is currently plaguing the world is causing everything to stop.

The whole world stops and it is as if Hashem is asking us to use this time to connect to the depths of our souls, our essence, our Yiddishkeit.

Gad who performs and also produces the song “Mimaamakim” reveals something deeply personal and painful. When all the shows are canceled and we are all completely isolated, the only thing that is left is home.

Take advantage of the song “Mimaamakim” today!

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