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Itzik Orlev- Ve’af Al Pi the Single

Itzik Orlev- Ve’af Al Pi the Single

Itzik Orlev made a revolution with his 2 albums already, plus Amiran Dvir also help him a lot along the way. Amiran Dvir, producer, arranger extraordinaire  gave the entire production of this upcoming Chassidishe album  of Itzik Orlev, telling his fans that it will be a fine production with original lyrical in a wedding style.

The new single ‘Ve’af Al Pi”, just released, has already caught peoples attention and is being hailed as a major hit by weddings and in the yeshiva world.

New single talks about what every Jew wants to beg every day Lhkb”h Oigalno Messiah would come. The song was composed by Yaakov Ben-Shabbat, and he rates as only Amiran know. While recording the song Amiran Dvir overly excited, and could not resist joining the Itzik duet.

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  1. Efriam Weinfeld
    Efriam Weinfeld 18 March, 2010, 11:44

    Extremely upsetting..although i heard this about five months ago, still bothers me that orlev decided to change his style..heres guesing he’s not going to be too matzliach Ayin Sham Mendi Gerufi…..what you never heard of him, that’s why. I personally feel it was a foolish jump from his unbelievable previous mizrachi albums. Here’s hoping he sees the light and reverts to his old style on his next album.

  2. Efriam Weinfeld
    Efriam Weinfeld 18 March, 2010, 11:45

    And by the way it sounds like mainly Amiran

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