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May Hashem Protect Us – Yerachmiel Begun

May Hashem Protect Us – Yerachmiel Begun

As we approach Pesach, we ask Hashem to protect us, like He did in Mitzraim; as we were then too in our houses the night before we left. May we merit his protection and the Geulah in our time. I hope this song will bring us all Chizuk.

A good Yom Tov to all.
Yerachmiel Begun

לֵךְ עַמִּי בֹּא בַחֲדָרֶיךָ
וּסְגֹר דְּלָתְךָ בַּעֲדֶךָ
חֲבִי כִמְעַט רֶגַע עַד יַעֲבָר
עַד – יַעֲבָר זָעַם

Go My nation and enter your rooms
And lock your doors behind you
Hide for a little moment, until it passes
Until the anger passes

מצודת דוד על הפסוק
ורוצה לומר: סתרי עצמך במסתר תשובה ומעשים טובים להגן עליך מזעם הצרות שיבואו קודם בוא הגאולה

The Torah means to say: Hide yourself in the privacy of Teshuva and good deeds that will protect you from the anger of the hardships that will come before the redemption arrives.

Composed & sung by Yerachmiel Begun
Lyrics: Y. & S. Begun
Lyric Video: R. Begun

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May Hashem Protect UsYerachmiel Begun

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