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Gad Elbaz and Holocaust Survivor Band Spread Chanukah Joy with Let the Light Shine On

Gad Elbaz and Holocaust Survivor Band Spread Chanukah Joy with Let the Light Shine On

Just in time for Chanukah comes the latest upbeat release from the Holocaust Survivor Band, a triumphant song of survival titled Let the Light Shine On. With music and lyrics by prolific songstress Cecelia Margules, Let the Light Shine On pairs Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz with concentration camp survivors Saul Dreier, Ruby Sosnowicz, and the newest member of the team, Morris Dan, as they take their uplifting message to the Brandenburg Gate, once a symbol of Nazi power.

With footage shot at the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin-Grunewald railway station, the last stop for many on their way to Auschwitz and Theresienstadt, Let the Light Shine On captures the jubilant essence of the Holocaust Survivor Band whose members never dreamed that after living through unspeakable horrors, they would one day return to the lion’s den and sing joyously about the eternity of the Jewish people.

Much like the Chanukah lights which symbolize the Jewish nation’s victory over a seemingly invincible enemy, the Holocaust Survivor Band is a living reminder that even in our darkest hours, the Jewish spirit continues to shine brightly.

“Their survival inspires us to see the light at the end of each one’s tunnel,” explained director Daniel Finkelman, who has collaborated with the band on several successful projects.

Co-executive produced by Arie Taykan and Sylvia Kahana, Let the Light Shine On is co-directed by Aharon Orian with cinematography by David Orian. A musical Chanukah gift that fills the heart and warms the soul, Let the Light Shine On empowers Elbaz and the Holocaust Survivor Band to, like the Maccabees, conquer hate and destruction with messages of love, peace and optimism.

Music and lyrics – Cecelia Margules
Music produced by Oren Imanuel
Vocals recorded by – Jason Goldglancz
Dale Becker | Mastering

Produced and Directed by Daniel Finkelman
Co directed by Aharon Orian

All rights reserved – ZOAB Entertainment

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  1. Sippora
    Sippora 20 December, 2017, 20:53

    NOT NORMAL!!!!! gad I dont know how you did this its so emotional I can cry from it when I see these Holocaust survivors its so creepy it gives me the chills (maybe because Im not use to it because its not my background ) but I still love it and watch it over and over

  2. Sippora
    Sippora 25 December, 2017, 00:07

    way to emotional for me, gad I dont know how you did such a thing
    I love it I watch it over and over

  3. Debra
    Debra 26 December, 2017, 22:53

    I love the song great lyrics

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