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FATHER (Acapella) | Tani Polansky

FATHER (Acapella) | Tani Polansky

With Hashem’s help I’m so excited to Bring this to you for the period of the year when we step back from our regularly scheduled music programming to sit in mourning. I felt this song needed to be offered in a way that could allow us to listen to it when we need it most, when we’re praying and begging “Father bring us back to you”, in the depths of Galus (exile). May we all merit to sing “father I’m coming back to you, back in to your loving arms” together with all of klal Yisrael, dancing toward the third temple may it be rebuilt speedily in our days.

Thank you for listening.

Video: Eliezer Meir (Markus) Cohn
Composed, Sung, and Prayed By: Tani Polansky
Production: Tani Polansky
Mixing : David Harin, Brian Forbes (Vocals and Choir)
Vocal Arrangement: Gedalia Penner
Vocal Percussion: Tani Polansky
Choir: Jacob Spadaro (Soprano), Ari Mandelbaum (Baritone), Josh Eisenberg (Alto), Mordy Weinstein (Bass)
Additional Bass: Mordy Weinstein

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