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Elisha Freedman – NACHPISA “Let Us Return!”

Elisha Freedman – NACHPISA “Let Us Return!”

Nachpisa is a song we can all relate to and sing this time of year. It speaks of our intention to recommit to our relationship with Hashem, while at the same time brimming with the joy and confidence we have, knowing how much our Father longs for us. It was composed a number of years ago during this time by Elisha Freedman, the composer of other beautiful songs such as Shivisi, sung by Yaakov Shwekey, and Ein Mayim Ela Torah, produced by the Yeshiva of Waterbury in 2005.

Over the years it has been sung by many of those familiar with it during these special days, and now it is being released to a wider public.

Nachpisa has long been one of my favorite songs,” says Elisha. “I recall that I composed it one summer before Elul as a bachur in Camp Morris. To me, the phrase ‘Nachpisa Derachainu’ is a clarion call to Teshuva, the rallying cry of a people embarking on an enthusiastic return to the embrace of a long-forgotten King; fully confident that His arms are open wide, waiting there for them the whole time.

“I heard the story of a mother who would wave off her school age son from her porch. Each afternoon, before the bus was scheduled to turn back on to the block, she would be waiting in the same spot on the porch. When the little boy was asked what his mother does all day, he replied, “Why, she stands and waits for me on the porch.” Wherever we have been all year, come Elul, our Father is still there in the same place, never having lost hope and waiting patiently for our return.

“The Hebrew letter hei is representative of our world. The bottom is wide open, and it is too easy to fall. But near the top is a slight opening, always open to the prospect of our return home where we are welcomed with open arms, elevating us higher than we ever were before.”

Composed and Arranged: Elisha Freedman
Drums: Avi Avidani
Guitars and Bass: Elior Edri
Flute: Miguel Vargos
Mix and Master: Yitzy Berry
Technical Assistance: Hillel Kapnick
PR: Yossi Zweig

Elisha Freedman
Hillel Kapnick
Yitzchok Linden
Yechiel Munk
Shea Perl
Moish Sonnenschein
Shaul Aryeh Sonnenschein

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