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Chaim Yeshaye Weil With a New Hit Song: “Unoichee L’Hashem”

Chaim Yeshaye Weil With a New Hit Song: “Unoichee L’Hashem”

When we all go about our lives we all know that everything we do is for Hashem!
Well how about just “be for Hashem”. That’s a deeper understanding of Unoichi L’Hashem!

Elie Weil, Chaim Yeshaye’s brother, on his daily trip to learn with Gershy from Edgware Studios in Monsey, always comes with a new song he composed.
One song jumped out at Gershy and his brother Chaim Yeshaya said “Elie, this one has something! I feel it! I sing it! I am it!”
Gershy couldn’t wait, he took Elie into the studio (after or before their learning) and created a demo sent it to Chaim Shaya right away.
We decided to call another English boy “Efraim Markowitz” who is a special musical gift to the world.
He then sent us a master piece of a sketch to which Gershy then added some live brass with Dani Flam and guitars by Chaim Bockchin.

Chaim Yeshaya flew to the US specially to come to Edgware Studios in Monsey do record the vocals with Gershy.
In the studio everyone felt the energy, Elie came up with more ideas and together the vocals came together so beautifully BH!
All coz we were just “Being for the Eibishter”
We sing for the Eibishter!
Gershy sent his choir guides to the cream of the crop “Menagen Choir from London UK.
Yoni Halbershtam always takes this to another level… they did a phenomenal job at Motty Cohen’a studio.

The big question was “is this going to be a hit?” Well there is one answer to that!
אנוכי להשם אנוכי אשירה
It’s for Hashem, so it’s a definite hit!

Singer: Chaim Yeshaya Weil
Composer: Elie Weil
Producer: Gershy Schwarcz @ Edgware Studios
Music arranger: Efraim Markowitz
Choir: Menagen UK; directed by Yoni Halbershtam
Choir arrangements, vocal production and mix: Gershy Schwarcz
Child soloist: Zanvyl Eckstein
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

Any or all of this production and song may not be reproduced or sold in any way that infringes the rights to the artist.
2022 Copyright © by Chaim Yeshaya Weil.

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