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Music Star Offers Free Performances to Charities and Nonprofit Organizations: “I Want to Give Back to Those Who Give to Many.” 0

PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Music Star Offers Free Performances to Charities and Nonprofit Organizations: “I Want to Give Back to Those Who Give to Many.” Monday, May 4, 2009 Brooklyn , NY – Recording artist Shea Rubenstein has announced

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Second Impressions: Don’t Stop “Teaser” 0

Making history once again, on May 12th… Producer/Performer/Songwriter Gershon Veroba is about to release "Second Impressions: Don’t Stop," the long-awaited sequel to his groundbreaking “Impressions” album. Two years ago, Gershon released his 10th album, "Reach Out," with original songs of

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Shloime Taussig UPDATE! 0

Shloime Taussig’s new CD titled "Modim Anachnu" is scheduled to be out for Shavuous. Modim Anachnu, the title track, is sure to be an instant classic. The album, produced by Gershy Moskowitz and Yossi Tyberg will have 12 songs, and

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Efraim Golan presents: “Hatzvi Yisrael” – Just in time for Yom Hazikaron 0

Efraim Golan, a 51 year old kibbutznik from Kibbutz Saad, is an amateur composer. For him music is not a profession, but something that occupies most of his time. His work in the media entails extensive traveling, long journeys which

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JI EXCLUSIVE! “Sunshine In The Rain” Single from Shloime Kaufman & A.K.A. Pella 7

A T.I.M.E. presents a Shloime Kaufman production: Sunshine In The Rain. An Accapella Single featuring A.K.A. Pella & Shloime Kaufman To be exclusively available at the upcoming Chinese auctions to benefit A. T.I.M.E. You can receive this single FREE with

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Moshiach Kumpt Shoin – Preview 0

Here is a NEW sfira album from Nigun Dist. and its already in stores. It features some real powerful rising stars; Benyomin Lowy, Shmuel "Berry" Weber and Menachem Moskowitz. The world famous Shira Choir led by Shraga Gold is also

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These talented guys from Toronto released this album 2 months ago and it was getting rave reviews. After speaking to one of the members I got them to re mix this song as a accapella song special free download for

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CD Kol Ish “Before Eve”-Their Debut Album! 2

Kol Ish, a five man a cappella group (no instrumentation), has been mesmerizing audiences with their voices. Fans are thrilled to know that Kol Ish has finally turned its sound into a masterful CD. "Before Eve" promises to delight listeners

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New Song Up- But Not For Long 0

Moed Tov Everyone! With the non-musical part of sfira just days away we wanted to let you all hear another one of the new tracks that will be off our upcoming album, "The Passage". The song is called "Eishet Chayil"

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