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Blitzen – Yakov Yitzchok Weingarten

Blitzen – Yakov Yitzchok Weingarten

Yakov Yitzchcok, aka ‘YY Weingarten‘, is already known for his beautiful voice, his Neshoma and heart are intertwined when he performs.
His voice is fresh, exciting, and very uplifting. Yossi Shick, his producer decided to take a run at it and hook him up with some talented musicians like Sruly Neuman who wrote this beat, Chesky Gluck who colored the track with his amazing choir, & Gershy Schwarcz who with big Seyata Dishmaya transformed this track into the energy pumping through your ears right now!!!

Your probably not reading anymore cuz you got lost in dance

But enjoy!!! Lekuvoid Purim 2021!

Oh and btw, the word “Lightning” is the translation of the Title: BLITZEN (Yiddish).
Figure out the rest…
Oh and another btw, Gershy Schwarcz is the description writer up until this point.

Produced & Directed by: Yossi Shick
Music Arranged by: Sruly Nueman
Choirs by: Chesky Gluck
Choirs Recorded by: Yanki Ciment
Vocals Recorded by: Chaim Meir Fligman @Master Studios
Post Production & Mix by: Gershy Schwarcz @EdgwareStudios
Cover Design & Artwork by: ArrangeIt.Media
Child Soloist at Mashke: Menachem Schmeltzer from Shir Vshevach, Recorded by Chaim Meir Fligman

Song List:
OhToToh – Avraham Fried\Bentzy Stein
Vehn – Ahrele Samet\Lipa Schmeltzer
Mashke – Lipa Schmeltzer
Bein Kodesh Lechoil – Shuli Rand & Amir Dadon
Yababei – Shmulik Frank
Timcha Thru Simcha – Yakov Yitzchok Weingarten\Nussy Landau
Zingt A Zemer – ?
Medzhybizh – Avrum Mordche Schwartz
Yerei Shumeiyim – Shmueli Ungar\Hershy Weinberger
Kibutz Chasidim – Yehuda Green\R’ Pinchus Green
One Heart – Beri Weber\Sruli Lipschitz

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