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Benny Friedman – Bonei Olam Vzakeini – 25,000 Candles

Benny Friedman – Bonei Olam Vzakeini – 25,000 Candles

Last February, the Vzakeini song by Bonei Olam captured hearts. Released as an introduction to Bonei Olam’s V’zakeini Campaign, the concept was simple. Every woman who joins donates $1 towards a couple’s infertility treatment as they light their Shabbos candles and prays for the couple’s success. Since its release, so many women joined that 1,000 became 5,000, and then 10,000, 18,000 and 25,000 thousand hearts strong.

Miriam Israeli, the composer and songwriter was so inspired when the V’zakeini movement grew to 25,000, that she wrote a second song in celebration. Celebrating 25,000 Jewish women across the world who join together each Friday night and storm the heavens.

Because there’s a power that can’t be undone.

Since the song was written, over 28,000 women have joined the Vzakeini project and V’zakeini continues to bring a closeness between women who don’t know each other but who are sisters, a joined force storming the gates above. From these weekly prayers and treatments, there are miracles happening already as couples share their good news of successful treatment.

How many more can we ignite?

Our mission together with Bonei Olam is to illuminate every barren home that yearns for a child. There are so many couples awaiting their turn for financial help for treatment and the force of the V’zakeini women storming the gates above.

We’ve just begun. Let’s keep adding one by one.
We’re on a mission – every couple who yearns for a child should be able to afford treatment. The more people who join in our mission, the further we can spread the light and joy of miracle babies across the world. Every contribution makes the difference, one week at a time, one fertility treatment at a time, one hopeful couple at a time.

Do you want to be part of miracles too? It’s not too late! Join today, there are miracles waiting to happen!

A Bonei Olam Vzakeini Production
Composed by: Miriam Israeli and Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by: Miriam Israeli
Performed by: Benny Friedman
Music Produced, Arranged and Mastered by: Doni Gross
Executive Producer: Boruch Goldberger
Recorded at: DeG Studios , NYC

Adult Choir:
Yakkov Ettinger
Doni Gross
Yisroel Hoffman
Shloime Kaufman
Children Choir:
Meyer Kaplan
Nachi Kaufman
Nosson Zlotowitz

For so many years they’ve been waiting
Now finally they’re celebrating
It’s a girl, it’s a boy….
It’s a bundle of joy
A baby is born – Mazel tov
For so many years they’d imagined
The miracle finally happened
All the prayers that were said
All the tears that were shed
Brought down the blessing from above

For there’s a power that cant be undone
When we unite in a cause
Its a powerful force
And all the gates will open up

25,000 candles burned
25,000 hearts that yearned
Praying for another
To be a mother
Our deepest plea
25, 000 gave their share
25, 000 really cared
It’s our ambition
We’ve got a mission

You’re making the circle grow wider
You’re helping the world become brighter
You’re a link in the chain
To bring an end to the pain
You fill our nation with light
The number of candles keeps growing
The light of our children keeps glowing
And as you whisper a prayer
For a sister out there
You’re helping us drive away the night

25,000 candles bright
How many more can we ignite
As we’re creating
25,000 – we’ve begun
Let’s keep on adding one by one
We’re on a mission
It’s our ambition

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