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A Ballad & Exciting New Video: Itzik Dadya “Kisei Hamelech”

A Ballad & Exciting New Video: Itzik Dadya “Kisei Hamelech”

Itzik Dadya‘s deep ballad is a surprise that never catches us unprepared. His songs are always touching, always accurate for the period and the audience, as if they were written for them.

For exactly the same reason “Kisei Hamelech“, Dadya’s new single sought him out for a year and a half, or rather the ‘performer’ who would give him the respect he deserved. It is a chilling song with a heavy responsibility beneath it: A story about lost souls, those who are far from themselves, who seek healing and do not believe that they deserve to touch the throne of His glory.
“Behind the song written by Eli Zarya is the Tehillat Naava organization, which collects physically and mentally broken souls and gives them not only physical but also spiritual food,” reveals Itzik. “Those who may fall apart from the hardships that life has summoned for them.” Dadya is very connected to the organization’s activities and sharpens the depth of meaning for him to sing the “Kisei Hamelech” written by one of his founding family “I have been singing at the organization’s events for several years, and their sacred work has always touched my heart, it is a privilege for me”.

Kisei Hamelech meets everyone, in his personal life and in his own personal struggles. The song invites us all to draw closer to G-d and promises that we have a place, it calls on us not to despair and continue to look for the way to draw closer to Ziv Hashchina, to detach from the vanities of this world and focus mainly Most of us are busy. She has been looking all her life here just to get closer to G-d and do His will. ”

The single was written with the members of the organization whose soul is going through hardships and torments in this world, about sick and disabled children and later on intended for all of us. With a common goal of transcending the soul and preoccupation mainly and pure on earth.
The special song is accompanied by an even more special clip, with the participation of actors who are pouring new content into what we have known so far as “Kisei Hamelech” …

Composition & Lyrics: Eli Zarya
Arrangement & Musical Production: Mendy Hershkowitz
Drums: Gal Gershovsky
Guitars: Noam (Hargol) Burg
Bass: Guy Dan
Piano: Mendy Hershkowitz
Strings: European National Orchestra
Mix & Mastering: Rosenberg Hillel
Vocals: Itzik Dadya, Danny Palm, Ayal
Recorded in Danny Flam Studios

Music Video
Producer & Director: Zvika Bornstein
DP: Avraham Scheinberg, Eran Jacob
Editing: Zvika Bornstein, Avraham Scheinberg

Father: Stuart Rappaport
Older Son: Aiden Peluso
Younger Son: Noam Bornstein
Violinist: Asher Laub
Graphics: Zvika Bornstein, Avraham Schinberg

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