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Avrum Mordche Schwartz & Shulem Saal – Eilu V’Eilu

Avrum Mordche Schwartz & Shulem Saal – Eilu V’Eilu

Tonight, for twenty-four hours tens of thousands of Jews around the world will stop their daily routine, wrapped in holiness and brought to trial before the Creator. In a new melody composed by Reb Pinchas Friedman, shlita, singer and badchen Avrum Mordche Schwartz and the wonder boy Shulem Saal express the spiritual feeling that surrounds every Jew with the sanctified today. “אלו ואלו אומרים: אשרי מי שלא חטא.”

“This is a sacred and pure Jewish song with the taste of the past,” says Zevi FriedZevi Fried, who received the melody from Reb Pinchas Friedman, Rosh Kollel Kollel Chassidim of Belz and the “Peri Hadar” and “Shvili Pinchas.”

Rabbi Friedman is signing great hits in the Belz Hasidism, and his composition is expressed in a warm and pure chassidic style.” Fried chose to call the new hit “Tish Nigun” and quickly entered the studio together with the well-known owner of the famous R’ Avrum Mordche Schwartz and the wonder boy Shulem Saal, “the result,” he says, “speaks for itself and moves every Jewish heart.”

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