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Abie Rotenberg Book Release: The Season of Pepsi Meyers

Abie Rotenberg Book Release: The Season of Pepsi Meyers

Very interesting news indeed.

It seems that one of the most recognized JM composers of all time has found a new avocation. World renowned songwriter Abie Rotenberg recently set aside his piano (temporarily we hope) and taken up the pen to write a novel. This is by no means, just ANY book. It is a story about baseball (Abie’s second love) and a rookie phenom who makes it to the big leagues. Along the way however, the young player learns what it mean to be a Jew, and he does so when the stakes are the highest.

The Season of Pepsi Meyers is set twenty five years in the future, where believe it or not, the once powerful New York Yankees languish at the bottom of the league. Enter Pepsi Meyers, the #1 draft choice in the nation, and the Yankees’ fortunes begin to soar. At the same time, Pepsi’s parents – unaffiliated Jews from upstate New York – are exposed for the first time to Torah and the beauty of our Jewish heritage. The impact of their choice to embrace Yiddishkeit turns Pepsi’s life upside down. His struggle to choose between faith and fame is a compelling read and eloquently presents the fundamental principles of Torah hashkafa in a most ingenious and entertaining way.

So yes…it is a book about baseball. But in truth, it is so much more. It is certainly an ideal tool for kiruv rechokim, but each and every one who reads it, regardless of level of observance, will come away with a greater appreciation for the beauty of our faith. Remember. This is the guy who wrote Neshamaleh, Mama Rachel, Conversation in the Womb and so many more. If ANYONE would know how to write a novel that touches our hearts… its Abie Rotenberg.

The Season of Pepsi Meyers is currently available in paperback on for only $14.99. A hardcover version to be distributed nationally by Feldheim, will be in Judaica stores for Yom Tov at a cost of $22.99.

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  1. notthemusicstore
    notthemusicstore 2 September, 2015, 18:35

    this is the guy who aside from all else gave the world not one but TWO “9th Man” songs and “Joe Dimaggio’s Card”, So what’s the surprise in it being a “book about baseball?” what were you expecting? Water Polo? Lacrosse? Badminton? Croquet? or because he’s from Canada Hockey maybe? It’s like his songs –great message presented in an engaging way that’s not heavy handed or forced ….and his knowledge of baseball will appeal to fans of the game and fans of “MoneyBall” as well

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