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Lineup for OHEL 5770 Announced on JM in the AM!! 0

Ohel Children’s Home and Family Services and the Americare Companies proudly present “MUSICAL INSPIRATIONS: Let the Journey Begin ….” Featuring an all new format of integrated live performances by all performers and original film. Be a part of this groundbreaking

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DJ Raidz Presents: Mima’amakim

After the success of the first album ” Club Tantz: The Coming Light”, Dj Raidz is back with the follow up album Mima’amakim. This CD will feature the same exciting and Leibidike beats with even more vocals then the first

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Taussig Fever Hits Israel!!! 0

It’s hard to believe that it has been just three short months since Shloime’s debut album hit the stores here in the United States. In that short amount of time, he has become a household name, as Jewish music lovers

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