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presenting RAINDROPS!! Malky Giniger’s first solo album in 7 years 0

It’s been SEVEN years since Malky Giniger put out a solo album, because of her recordings for her RATZON music program and camps.  After sorting through over 25 songs she finally chose 14 to use for RAINDROPS.  A truly unique

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MBD A -Z Report : part 1 0

Introducing the NEW A – Z Report series from Yossi Zweig. This the first in the series features the King of Jewish music MBD. Mordeche tells about how production has changed over the years, the recent Event with Lipa, a

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Eitan & Shlomo Katz in Concert this Chol Hamoed ! 0

The 5th AnnunalJerusalem Theatre Simchat Beis Hashoeiva CD Release concert featuring Shlomo & Eitan Katz with special guest Chaim Dovid.Wednesday Night October 7th at 8:30pm. The Jerusalem Theatre, sherover Hall, 20 Marcus Street, Jerusalem. For more and to purchase tickets

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Rebbe Hills film début “The Legend of the Klei Yakar” opens this Chol HaMoed. 2

In this creative masterpiece, Rebbe Hill plays five different characters as well as performing all the voice overs. The film was shot in various locations including, Tarrytown NY, Sands point LI, the Lower east side just to name a few.

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CD Cover From Shua Kessin’s Upcoming Album 1

For updates go to http://www.ShuaKessin.com or follow Shua at Twitter.com/ShuaKessin

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Country Yossi #156 to hit stands this Friday! 0

Also follow Country Yossi on twitter twitter.com/CountryYossi

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Town 6 Entertainment presets: ROCK AMI …starring MOSHAV, SOULFARM, GERSHON VEROBA, YOOD, PIAMENTA… 0

Town 6 Entertainment & Tightrope RNY Productions present The “ROCK’AMI” MUSIC FESTIVAL featuring MOSHAV BAND • YOOD • SOULFARM • GERSHON VEROBA • PIAMENTA • MAJUDA • SEMANTRA Date: Thursday, October 8, 2009 Time: 5:30pm – 11:30pm Location: KRAFT STADIUM

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Aderet Presents: KumZing! With Lipa Schmeltzer, Dovid Gabay, Berri Weber, Yosef Chaim …. 0

Shalom Vagshul of Haminagnam Orchestra, with Moishy Roth, bring you an evening of KumZing with Lipa Schmeltzer, Dovid Gabay, Berri Weber, Yosef Chaim Shwekey, Udi Davidi and Ori Avraham. Music produced and arranged by Moishy Roth. Features special guest Rabbi

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JI EXCLUSIVE! Michoel Schnitzler – Mein Kind Treff Mich Cover and Promo Clip 0

The all new Michoel Schnitzler CD in Yiddish “Mein Kind Treff Mich” will be released IY”H by Yum Kipper, with 11 all new Compositions by Lipa Schmelczer, pinky Webber, Motty Ilowitz, Naftali M. Schnitzler, Shauli Grossman, Moishe Weintraub (Israel), Yeedle

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