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Sruly Wagshal feat. Yoely Lebovits – Hantigen Toog

Sruly Wagshal feat. Yoely Lebovits – Hantigen Toog

The name of this tune is known as Misirlou, and was recorded first in 1927 by Greek musician Titto Demetriades who was born in Istanbul. The tune is from way earlier, the composer is unknown. Some say it was a Jewish Turkish Composition. Others in the middle East claim that the composition stems from their country. The Turks and the Greeks both claim it as their song.

However, it was recorded countless times. In 1943, Miriam Kressyn wrote Yiddish lyrics to the song, it was also recorded by Kabbalist Rabbi Abulafia in 1951 on the words Eliyahu Hanavie that is sung at every Motzai Shabbos. It is also sung at Chasidic Tishen of Kretchnif, Nikolsburg amongst others and at Jewish Weddings.

In 2005 it was recorded by the ‘Black Eyed Peas’ with a twist of Rap. This version is using their twist and added Lyrics about the Purim Story and how it relates to our daily lives.

Sruly Wagshal feat. Yoely Lebowitz

Backup Vocals: Gershy Schwarcz
Choir: Yossi Gluck- Shevach Studios
Produced Mix & Master: Gershy Schwarcz Edgware Studio – Monsey NY

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