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A Special Message From GAD ELBAZ Plus A Special Gift!

A Special Message From GAD ELBAZ Plus A Special Gift!

A special message from Gad Elbaz

Dear Friends,Two weeks ago, Israeli MK Geulah Cohen passed away.

Once, on a visit to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Rebbe spoke with Geulah about Jewish youth, and said “They don’t want to hear speeches, you needn’t give sermons … you must light them on fire.

What are you doing with the fire G-d has given you?

“As we are now celebrating Chanukah, the holiday in which we light candles and ignite flames, these words from the Rebbe are all the more meaningful.

For just as the menorah’s candles are lit each night, so too, Jewish souls are ready and waiting to be kindled. They are waiting to be ignited with the fire of Torah and Mitzvot, as it is written, “A Mitzvah is a candle, and the Torah is light.”

Next month we will mark 70 years since the Rebbe assumed leadership and pioneered the idea of reaching out to every Jew wherever they may be, with the love of Torah and Mitzvot.

So as we celebrate Chanukah and mark this special anniversary, let us learn from the Rebbe’s teachings and utilize every opportunity to reach out to others with Torah and Mitzvot.

Allow me to suggest a practical idea for each one of us: during the next month, reach out to someone you know and give them the opportunity to do a mitzvah: Tefillin for a man, and lighting the Shabbat candles for a woman. And if it’s been a while since you’ve done the mitzva, you can start with yourself!

As per the custom of ‘Chanukah Gelt’, I would like to share with you my new song “V’harikoti Lachem Bracha.”
Happy Chanukah!

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