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Al Hanissim – Yoely Lebovits – Chanuka Single

You know When the “Chanuka Light Moment” happened? When despite them knowing that all the oil was not pure, there

Goose Productions Presents: Chiuch Echad – Otsar

Otsar is 20 years old and lives in Biet Shemesh, after having made aliya 5 years ago. Today he learns

Micha Gamerman With A New Chanukah Hit “Bazman Hazeh”

The rising star from Brazil, singer Micha Gamerman just released a new Hanukkah hit “Bazman Hazeh” from his upcoming second

Ker A Velt Productions Presents: Night of Light (Chanukah song)

Just in time to get you and your family into the Chanukah spirit, Ker A Velt productions releases a brand

Akiva Tolchin – Chanukka Time

Akiva Tolchin just released a new single in honor of Chanukka entitled “Chanukka Time.” Chanukka Time tells of the joy

Wunderkind Daniel Levy’s Debut Single “Kodosh, Kodosh”

These days 13 year old Daniel Levy just released his debut single “Kodosh, Kodosh“, composed and produced by Yoeli Dickman.

Mezei Music Productions Presents: Sholoim

Mezei music productions presents “Sholoim” released in honor of the Greenwald wedding. Sung by: Menachem Moskowitz Composed, Produced & Arranged

Yoeli Klein – Ad Mo Hashem

The entire world was shocked to its core just two weeks ago at the horrifying massacre in a shul in

Ki Onu Amecho: Erez Leiv Ari Sings To The Lubavitch Rebbee

In the world of Chassidus the 19th of Kislev is considered the Chag Ha’Geulah, its almost even a Rosh Hashana

Amram Biton With A New Single “Lo Toeh”

Amram Biton is a musician who has initiated something in Jewish music that is hard to classify. He lives and