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Zevi Weinstock feat. Ari Cukier “Anim Zemiros” In Memory of Jay Agular

Zevi Weinstock feat. Ari Cukier “Anim Zemiros” In Memory of Jay Agular

Zevi Weinstock and Ari Cukier are back with a beautiful haartzig single titled Anim Zemiros. This song, unlike Zevi’s previous singles, is dedicated to the memory of Jay Agular (Yosef Eliyahu ben Yaakov Leib), a man with a gentle persona, strong perseverance, and an incredible love for his family & friends, and Torah lifestyle.

His love for Hashem was personified through his chazanus of Anim Zemiros. He always felt that this particular tefillah was the highest of praise for HaKadosh Baruch Hu and enunciated each word with his beautiful, melodic voice specifically on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

He internalized the words of Anim Zemiros and made sure to make a kiddush Hashem with his sensitive nature with whomever he encountered.

For two long Yomin Noraim, his shul, Congregation of Darchei Noam of Oceanside, has missed hearing his voice lead and inspire to connect with Hashem and each other.

May this song be an ode to his memory, and may his legacy never be forgotten.

Anim Zemiros was arranged and produced by Ari’s longtime friend and “band” mate, the super talented Eli Schwebel. Eli has a special talent for letting the songs speak for themselves and not “over producing” music and arrangements. The song, melody and carefully crafted harmonies are what really allow the composition and vocals to shine. “There is something so pure about Zevi’s vocals,” says Cukier, “That you can’t help but feel the deep emotion of the song.” Anim Zemiros is Zevi’s fifth song to date and it seems with each release his singing gets better and better and you just want to keep listening to him perform.

Download/stream the Anim Zemiros by clicking this link:

Composed by: Zevi Weinstock
Performed by: Zevi Weinstock
Feat. Ari Cukier
Produced by: Eli Schwebel

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