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YU Chanukah Concert Pix and videos

YU Chanukah Concert Pix and videos




This concert was as they say “off the hook”. Due to crazy traffic on the FDR I arrived late and missed the opening act. The opening act was the winners of YU’s “Battle of the Bands” the group is called Out Of Exile and its lead singer Raphi “HeBro” Fulcher happens to be a African American Jew. I heard from friends that they really got the crowd riled up and were a great way to kick off the concert. Aryeh Kunstler was a guest performer playing with the band and they performed together 2 original songs PLUS Aryeh’s Modeh Ani.

Yehuda Green just has this special charisma, I honestly can’t say more. He is so genuine and pure that it all shows in his music and performance. Top that off with him inviting the other 2 acts to join him on stage each to do a song with him, it was spellbinding and the crowd loved every minute of it.

Ohad has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. The nots he hit and the clearness of his voice just draw you in. when people say that the voice is a instrument, well Ohad has been tuning his instruments for year and its at its peak. He sang Boiee Kallah for those single boys and girls out there and we loved to hear his voice dip and cascade.

When Lipa makes a entrance, he MAKES A ENTRANCE. People in the crowd were already chanting Lipa and requesting songs but with his charisma and well performance you can’t help but smile. Dressed in his signature neon blue “beketche” with gold Chinese characters, you just get this magical feeling that something good is going to happen. Did I mention the spectacular band of the evening? A Show of “Achdus” brought the famed Freilach Orchestra straight from their performance with Lipa in Miami the previous night together with the Neginah Orchestra Brass section blowing people away with their powerful music. Lipa lighting the candles while making jokes of not wearing his “Shtreimel” because of minhag hamakom had the place laughing.

After a quick intermission the concert began anew with Dovid Dachs who has already been making waves in the music world, especially with his performance in Ohel’s 5770 concert weeks earlier. The crowd could not get over the range and control of his specular voice. He then surprised his father by calling him onstage to join him singing “hamalach” off of Shloime’s debut album.

Ohad wasn’t done with YU yet. he took us on a trip through the world when he started singing songs in other languages that he learned when he traveled and performed in places far and wide. He just always surprises, his voice height, learning different languages and just friendly demeanor just put the crowd to ease and love him.

Lipa then appears in a what looked like to be a corduroy jacket and beige vest a “YU” uniform if you will. It seems that people can NOT get enough of Lipa and he had more to give. Believe it or not Lipa was doing a little stand up comedy. That’s right telling jokes about dating and his own personal experiences as being a shadchan and the place was rolling. Lipa performed a “poshiter yid” all in ENGLISH, who know he could do that? Two more songs then of course Hentelech joined on stage by Dovid Dachs dressed in one of Lipa’s costumes. All in all it was a great evening, the show was captivating and the crowd left very happy.

743995839_jbsrX-LOut Of Exile

743995873_pos6K-LOut Of Exile

743995944_ZNpnf-LAryeh Kunstler & Out Of Exile

743945337_fEjxE-LAaron Zutler

743945339_TMgtb-LYehuda Green

743945402_h6qqN-LYehuda Green

743945450_c9DSt-LLipa & Yehuda Green

743945461_CpKsz-LOhad & Yehuda Green





743945604_Q8eVv-LLipa lighting candles

743945698_urbc7-LDovid Dachs

743951520_mTmct-LShloime & Dovid Dachs

743951489_3SYQJ-LDovid Dachs







743959508_qXBJ6-LLipa & his Biggest Cutest Little Fan



743959685_SEJYd-LLipa & Dovid Dachs

743959723_CSXq7-LLipa & Dovid Dachs



Yehuda Green & Lipa

Yehuda Green & Ohad


Lipa lighting candles

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