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YTI Presents: Tzvi Laifer – Hakadosh Boruch Hu (HKBH) ft. Shalom Rosenfeld

YTI Presents: Tzvi Laifer – Hakadosh Boruch Hu (HKBH) ft. Shalom Rosenfeld

HKBH” is the first ever song created, recorded and produced in YTI’s brand new studios in Lakewood, NJ. Huge Mazel Tov to all the incredible members, supporters and staff of YTI since 2017 for making this important step a reality. The raised quality of our two new studios really comes through in this new release. Thank you Hashem for this continued success with our members and our mission. May it continue upwards into 2021 and beyond.

HKBH” is a song about the spiritual and practical realities of day to day life as a human being and as a Yid. How it really is for each and every one of us in our own way as we experience going towards the “end of our road” and then the beginning of the next wonderful road Hashem has planned just for us.

Performed by brand new YTI vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Tzvi Laifer (Baltimore/Lakewood). Plus featuring the voice, and legitimate creative, rhythmic, lyrical talent of YTI member Shalom Rosenfeld (Lakewood).

HKBH also features special guest guitarist Ari Boiangiu, who lent his time and immense well known talent to this project. Thank you R’ Ari.

This song is an original blend of many musical styles on different sides of the spectrum, all fueled by the no-compromise Neshama and creative energy that YTI is known for.

Listen, share and enjoy!

Produced by Chananya Begun and the members of YTI
Composed/Lyrics: Chananya Begun, Shalom Rosenfeld
Vocals: Tzvi Laifer, Chananya Begun, Shalom Rosenfeld
Backup Vocals: Moshe Bassman
Mixed/Mastered: Chesky Ifrah – YNI Studios, Lakewood, NJ
Cover Art: Chananya Begun

The YTI mission, in four easy steps:

1. To completely prevent many of the challenges so many in our society face, preventing and/or those situations through at the root identity building and establishment.

2. To invest in our most creatively inclined young people so they can build their lives on their actual G-d given foundational truth.

3. To develop the next generation of out-of-the-box thinking leaders, problem solvers and empathetic givers.

4. And last but not least, inspiring todays generation in through the power of Jewish music innovation.

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