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YTI Presents: CHEDVAS – Chananya Reidler ft. Hillel Saltzmen

YTI Presents: CHEDVAS – Chananya Reidler ft. Hillel Saltzmen

Chedvas” is a very unique and impactful song written by YTI founder Chananya Begun literally the day after the Meron Tragedy. That Friday, when we were all beyond belief, is what this song is directly channeled from.

Chedvas” features two YTI family vocalist who bring a tremendous amount to the table as both vocalists and creators. Chananya Reidler (Lakewood) has a very rich, depth filled vocal tone and that really comes through in what is Chananya’s first very public release. Hillel Saltzmen (Flatbush) brings a whole other sound to the vocal performance on Chedvas, his baritone and highly creative vocal ability lending tremendous presence and contrast to what is a masterpiece out of YTI’s members.

The Malbim in Parshas Yisro says, on the words “Vayichad Yisro” that the Lashon of Chedva/Chedvas (Joy) is used specifically in a time of pain. The words is this song – Chedvas Yomim Ushenos Olamim, “Give me days of delight and eternal years”. Hashem, give me those two things even when I am in a tough and painful moment right now. So, how does Hashem give us as Humans that ability to get back to that “center point of joy”, and that our “days” should be eternal/forever ? By leaning in, and engaging in the “twin flames” that Hashem lights on top of every Yid, “Ner Mitzvah V’or Torah”. That leads to a return to joy no matter what tragedy or hardship we face, and yes, the impact of those Mitzvos and Torah engaged in are eternal, they are forever – both upstairs and in this world as well.

This song was originally written and now being released L’Zecher Nishmas one of the 45 individuals we lost that day, Shragee Gestetner A”H, an wonderful, immensely talented and endlessly giving Yid and Ben Torah who had a direct and lasting impact on the founder of this organization as well as the lead singer on this release, Chananya Reidler. May Shragee’s incredible actions in Mitzvos and Torah live forever, both down here and in the Olam Shel Emes.

“Chedvas” Credits:
Composed, arranged and produced by Chananya Begun
Co-producers and contributors: Yechiel Lazarus, Shmuel Green (Good day productions), Moshe Bassman
Drum additions: Yechiel Landman
Assistant producer: Eli Geller
Vocalists: Chananya Reidler, Hillel Zaltsman , Chananya Begun
Mixed/mastered: Chesky Ifrah (YNI studios)
Cover art: Gavi Stark

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