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YTI Presents: Chaim Shechter, Shalom Benstein – Ki Eilecha Eineinu ft. Aryeh D.

YTI Presents: Chaim Shechter, Shalom Benstein – Ki Eilecha Eineinu ft. Aryeh D.

Happy Lag Baomer 2019 YTI friends and followers! We are proud to present this brand new, deep and forward thinking production by some of YTI’s very best – and latest, additions to our ever growing family of incredible creative talent. The official YTI Lag Baomer 2019 “return to music” – Ki Eilecha Eineinu – our eyes are upon you.

The timeless words from Tachanun, Va’achnu Lo Neida Ma Na’aseh have inspired countless deep and passionate songs over the years. But none are quite like this song. Channeling the experience of being a person in a distraught situation, where one is totally at a loss as to what to do. And asking Hashem to remember his mercy and kindness – because WE know that “Ki Meolam Heimah” – they have always existed. No matter what, we can always fall back on that. And even if there is no end to your pain in sight, Hashem is right there, right next to you as you keep moving forward until the time comes when the answers will present themselves. We are in the best of hands, and that’s how it’s always been. Our guys, in their own unique and personalized way, channeled these emotions perfectly throughout the creation of this edgy, sophisticated production.

Chaim Shechter (Lakewood, NJ), YTI’s newest and by far the youngest ever member (13), brings his immense vocal/creative talent, Heimishe flavor, heart and soul to every level of this release in spades. Quality talent and a quality Human being, one that we are beyond proud to now have as a part of the YTI family.

Additionally, this song also features brand new YTI member Shalom “Shols” Benstein (Toms River, NJ), our second supremely talented YTI member who also attends Chofetz Chaim of Cherry Hill, NJ. Shols’ vocal and creative style shine in this song, starting in the second low part all the way to the second chorus. We have never quite had a vocalist like this guy, and he is a serious addition to all that we do and plan to do going forward. And a great guy at that. Take a listen and hear for yourself….

Last but not least, the first chorus features a cameo from special guest vocalist “Aryeh Dee”. Every so often, we like bringing married/older individuals and their unique perspective and life experience into our studios to work alongside our guys. This is one of those instances. His depth greatly added to this production, as well as his amazing, well known ability to hit what are extremely high notes in the chorus of this song.
Thank you Aryeh!

Listen, enjoy, share and let’s stay strong as we head towards Shavuos full of Torah, Faith and deep connection to our protector in Heaven!

Mixed and mastered by YTI associate engineer Chesky Ifrah (Y.N.I Studios – Lakewood, NJ).
Arranged by Chananya Begun
Co-arranged by Chaim Shechter
Composed by Chaim Shechter, Shols Benstein and Chananya Begun

Thank you to YTI’s amazing donor family for believing, understanding and deeply emphasizing with the importance and life-altering impact of our growing organization and our first of its kind mission and model. May you be Zocheh to continued success, Nachas and Happiness in all that you strive to accomplish.
– Chananya

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