Yosef Daniel Is Back With An All New Single “Yishtabach”

Yosef Daniel Is Back With An All New Single “Yishtabach”

With much gratitude to HaKadosh Baruch Hu, Yosef Daniel presents his latest release “YISHTABACH!

What makes this song special compared to all other Yosef Daniel‘s releases?

A look at the artwork might explain a bit. The cover is a picture of YD‘s three oldest boys who actually sang the intro and part of the chorus. A first time appearance of their voice is in honor of YD‘s bechor, Micha Dovid who will be Bar Mitzvah in Iyar.

The story of this family is one of discovery. Every yid is obligated to learn Torah and perform Mitzvos. First of all, for the mere fact that we are commanded to do so by HaShem. Another good benefit is the discovery of HaShem in our lives and hearts, ultimately the universe. As Micha Dovid is the first in his family to have a Bar Mitzvah, this song was composed to resemble the personal relationship that he must have with HaShem on his own.

May Micha Dovid grow to be a true eved HaShem and may he always sing YISHTABACH with his life as a Kiddish HaShem.

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