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Yidi Bialostozky – Shabbos Hee: A Quarantine Project

Yidi Bialostozky – Shabbos Hee: A Quarantine Project

Last Friday found singer Yidi Bialostozky dressed in his shtreimel and Beckishe sitting down at the piano. As Klal Yisrael was getting ready for a shabbos in quarantine, he took a moment to express his feelings in song: For the first time, although Shabbos was coming, the streets were empty, with no one going to shul. Without much thought, he recorded his newly composed song and posted it on social media. The clip went viral becoming an instant hit worldwide. The powerful response was what convinced Yidi to share this song with the world as an official single for the next Shabbos. The short timing and the fact that everyone was home posed a real challenge. But, after sharing the idea with arranger Lipa Brach the two decided they were in for the challenge. While Yidi reached out to Chaim Meir Fligman of Shir Veshevach Studios to enhance the project with his adult choir, Lipa wrote a beautiful arrangement and had it performed by the best musicians in the industry, each recording the music from the confines of his own home. A unique dimension was added by Yidi’s brother in law, child soloist, Shloimy Moses and then the puzzle was completed by the talented Gershy Schwartz from Edgware studio.

Choir Members:
Chaim Meir Fligman
Avrumy Dermer
Sender Gelb
Shmily Steinerg
Yossi Shick

Composed and lyrics – Yidi Bialostozky
Arranged by Lipa Brach
Piano: Lipa Brach
Drums: Avi Avidani
Bass: Shlome Spielman
Gutars: Motti Feldman
Horns / Woodwinds: Danny flam – New York Brass
Mixed by Gershy Schwartz – Edgware Studios
Design And Animation By: 3-DH Designs

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