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Yiddish Nachas II (or as they say, “twice as much Nachas…”)

Yiddish Nachas II (or as they say, “twice as much Nachas…”)

It was just one and a quarter years ago that composer extraordinaire Yossi Green showed the world just what “Yiddish Nachas” really meant. Since that faithful (not fateful) day, the staggering amount of positive and encouraging feedback that Yossi has received from all over the Jewish has been, in his words, “overwhelming.“ One would have never thought that a real Chassidisheh album featuring Yossi Green songs not being performed by the usual well-known popular singers, but instead, sung by the angelic voices of faceless young boys from Kiryas Yoel in Monroe, NY would be able to reach out and touch the hearts of so many different types of Yidden across the world on such a deep level as it eventually did. It was this overwhelming response a mere few weeks after the first Yiddish Nachas I – Matuneh Toiveh album release that Yossi realized that he must continue on this journey and bring yet more “Yiddish Nachas” to Klal Yisroel. This week the news spread all over the Jewish World: Yiddish Nachas II – SIVAVON was in the stores!

As with the first album Yossi demanded that the same production team remain in place for the new Yiddish Nachas II – SIVAVON. Once again, engaging the multi-talented and capable Moshy Kraus as Producer and Naftali Moshe Schnitzler as Arranger and Orchestrator. Yossi calls them his precious חוט המשולש, a heretofore hidden treasure he cannot believe was right there in plain sight just waiting to form. When you hear him and watch him speak excitedly about this newly formed, Fabulous Heimish Chassidish TRIO, you just have to wonder. After so many years, BA”H, of involvement with Jewish Music why is he getting so excited about this trio in particular? What is different here than the multitude of music people, producers, arrangers and engineers in all kinds of combinations he’d been involved with throughout the years? He stops and thinks forming his words carefully, “First, the three of us all come from similar backgrounds and grew up in similar homes and we have always felt that so much real Jewish Music talent and ability lies right here in the hearts of those Heimisheh people we grew up around. We also all share the same opinion that Jewish Heimish Music and Song is an original genre that relates specifically to Frum Jewish audiences. Not like many who mock our genre believing that our music is just a poorer version of so-called ‘professional’ popular secular music! Some even believing that we involve ourselves here because of lack of opportunity in the vast open popular music scene!” Yossi says that over the years he’s always been asked the same question by many different listeners, “Why don’t you write popular music for the secular world?” He looks bewildered at this point in the conversation and asks, “The secular world? What in Heavens for? What would I accomplish with that?” And when stopped at this point and asked, “Accomplish? What is it you feel that writing music in the Jewish Music accomplishes besides providing dance music for Simchas, etc?” He sits back, takes a deep breath, his facial features relaxing visibly as slowly, a warm smile emerges and he asks a strange question in Loshoin Koidesh, “חביבין ישראל שסיבבן הקב”ה במצות. תפילין בראשיהן תפילין בזרועותיהן, ציצית בבגדיהן ומזוזות בפתחיהן?”. Last year did you hear young תינוקות של בית רבן singing and speaking these Holy words from their mouths? Last year was there even curiosity about this new passage in the Gemara? Last year did you hear kids singing the words from Shmonei Esrai אתה חונן לאדם דעת ומלמד לאנוש בינה? Oh yes, there are those who learn and are always curious and moving forward in Tefiloh and Yedias Hatorah. But you must admit that there are many more children AND adults who will now examine new interesting Yedias about our relationship with Hashem Yisborach. If that’s not an accomplishment worthy of pursuing,” he continues animatedly, “what is?” I am starting to get it now.

And apparently, so does this Heimish trio of musicians formed just under two years ago.

When asked to further describe the talents of Moshy Kraus and Naftuleh Moisheh, Yossi stops me short and exclaims, “No, that wouldn’t be fair to them. They require their own write-up in depth!” This write-up is about the songs and the purity of the children singing. I agree and tell him that I will hold him to that!

Yiddish Nachas II – SIVAVON is finally here! Children are listening, humming, learning new Holy words to songs and connecting; Parents are appreciative that their children are being entertained by Heimish Yiddisheh messages in songs (and they have been noticed listening loudly in their cars though there are no kids present at the time); Mechanchim are relaxed and unapprehensive about how is this new song going to affect the students… and as for Yossi Green?
I think he’s Shepping Nachas!

Well, not just Nachas.. Yiddish Nachas!
Well, not just Yiddish Nachas… TWICE as much Yiddish Nachas!
Isn’t that something we ALL REALLY NEED AND WANT MORE OF!

yossi Green shot by Tim Knox 347 683 4093

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