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Yacov Young Returns With A New Single “Veshinantam”

Yacov Young Returns With A New Single “Veshinantam”

Although it has been almost sixteen years since singer Yacov Young released his last album, his passion for music hasn’t left Yacov for a minute. In reality, Yacov has been performing for over twenty years at all types of venues near and far. He debuted as one of the star singers of the Neginah Orchestra, performing with the biggest names in Jewish Music. Yacov has performed all over the world at concerts, simchas and events, and continues to do so today.

Yacov has been working on his music and he’s been on the lookout for stellar music to bring to the Jewish music scene. Yacov is ready for his long awaited comeback and is jumping back into the music scene full force. This new hit song is titled “Veshinantam” and is on its way to changing the Jewish music world.

Written by renowned hitmaker Elie Schwab, “Veshinantam” is a very unique song, tapping into a genre not so common to the Jewish music industry. “In a world where pop songs are dropping each and every day,” says Young, “I needed something special. I wanted something that spoke to me and would stand out from everything else out there.” “Veshinantam” has all that and more. With its electro swing style, it’s fun, catchy, and is easy to sing. Try “Veshinantam” & you’ll surely be hooked!

Taken from the words of Rashi, “Veshinantam” has a timely message for the world to hear. Produced by Yacov together with producer Izzy Drihem, “Veshinantam” is a song that will get stuck in your head and is sure to have you moving and grooving to its funky beat. But the beat doesn’t end here because this is just the beginning. Yacov is working on various new projects which are on the way soon. We bring you “Veshinantam” just in time for the month of Adar, a pre Purim treat. So listen & enjoy some early Adar simcha!

בניך אלו תלמידיך
שהתלמידים קרויים בנים
וכשם שתלמידים קרוים בנים
כך הרב קרוי אב

ושננתם לבניך ודברת בם
בשבתך בביתך ובלכתך בדרך
ובשכבך ובקומך
(דברים ו:ז)

Composed by : Elie Schwab
Produced by: Yacov Young & Izzy D Jay
Mix & Mastered by : Izzy D Jay
Clarinet: Ishmael Vergara
Trumpet: Cisco Dimas
Choirs: Arik Goldshmid, Eli Mann, Shawn Levine, Yaakov Alcabes, Yisroel Young & Benyamin Young
Marketing & Design: Yossi Zweig & Mendel Young

For Bookings Call / Text 917-515-6199 or email [email protected]

Connect with Yacov:

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