Tzvi Silberstein Is Back With An All New album “Shema B’ni”

Tzvi Silberstein Is Back With An All New album “Shema B’ni”

Tzvi Silberstein is BACK! After the huge success of his first three albums, Simcha, Kol Hakochavim (the duet album) and Yaaleh, fans have been clamoring for new music, and now Tzvi delivers in a BIG way.

The new album titled “Shema B’ni” boasts eleven stellar tracks, including the popular soulful hit Poseach, which features super star singer Benny Friedman. “Shema B’ni,” the title track itself is actually a song for Tzvi’s son who just turned Bar Mitzvah. The song features a blend of Hebrew and English and Tzvi is hopeful that music can help build a strong, open, and loving relationship between him and his son and between all parents and their children. Unlike his previous albums, Shema B’ni is a more personal album musically and has the artist baring his soul to listeners. The album also features a wide range of music styles including; country (“A Little Bit”), rock (“V’Sashlem”), gospel (“Be Free”), Latin (“Breath”), and more, sung in both Hebrew and English. Co-producers Doni Gross and Yitzy Waldner (who composed 8 of the 11 songs) helped showcase Tzvi Silberstein’s strengths – voice, personality and genuineness – in the best way possible in this album.

Shema B’ni is distributed by Aderet Music and is available for digital download/streaming on all platforms.

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