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The Cantor’s Forum Presents: “Chazzanut For Everyone”

Last week the Cantor’s Forum launched their debut performance in the Erez Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. The Forum hosted Sassy Keshet, Avremi Roth and Zvi Weiss and the evening was Emceed by the journalist Kobi Arieli. In addition, The

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Cantor Zvi Weiss – Ribono Shel Olam: Sfirat Haomer

Levie Kanes presents Cantor Zvi Weiss “Ribono Shel Olam” Orchestration and musical scores by Menachem Bristowski Zvi Weiss was born in 1986 in New York and immigrated to Israel at age of six. Zvi is the son of the well

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Young Israel Beth El presents – Sounds of Beautiful Voices

Young Israel Beth El ~presents~ Sounds of Beautiful Voices An Evening of Hassidic & Cantorial Music with Cantor BENZION MILLER Chief Cantor of Young Israel Beth El Cantor BINYAMIN HELFGOT World Renowned Cantor/Singer TZUDIK Will perform new hits from his

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