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As we embark on a new year, it is a crucial time to work on our Belief and Trust in HASHEM. It is with the chesed that HASHEM has done for us throughout the year, that leads us to speak

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Yakov Rothblatt With A New Single & Video “Mi Ha’Ish”

Composer and conductor of the Yedidim International Choir Yakov Rothblatt, is releasing his own new single called Mi Ha’Ish. Yakov composed this song himself about a decade ago and has been working on the production for over a year together

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The upcoming family day is the perfect opportunity in Israel and many other countries to acknowledge and appreciate our families, especially all the mothers. The connection to our children, which we had rediscovered in these difficult times, is the soul

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“Na’im Li Meod”: Against The Background Of The Increasing Polarization, Singer & Composer Who Calls On Us All To Get To Know Each Other

Singer Gil Israelov is releasing his latest single called Na’im Li Meod, which he wrote during the first lockdown in Israel. The song was arranged and produced by Yuval Ben David.

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Gil Israelov – Tefach Me’Al HaKarka

In the middle of the rainy winter singer Gil Israelov is releasing a new single called Tefach Me’Al HaKarka, arranged and produced by Yuval Ben-David.

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Gil Israelov – Rak Tismach

Israeli singer Gil Israelov usually releases songs full of soul and feeling, emotional touching ballads that touch the hearts of his fans worldwide. Now composer and singer Israelov is back and all he wishes is for you to be happy

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Gil Israelov Presents A Ethnic Israeli Rock Ballad “Mizman Lizman”

Musician and singer Gil Israelov is releasing a new single, in a style different from his identifiable musical repertoire. Mizman Lizman is the first taste of his new album that Israelov is working on lately, which he wrote and composed

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Gil Israelov – Va’Ani BeChasdecha

Gil Israelov and Yuval Ben David are practically neighbors for a while, but only recently met randomly while at shul. They immediately connected over their musical skills and talents. Now Israelov is releasing a single called Va’Ani Bechasdecha for the

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