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Chaim Blumenfeld presents: S’FIRISH featuring MK Choir

With Sefira upon us and so many mainstream acapella albums being released, everyone was wondering what the chassidic world of Jewish music would bring forth. Behold, Chaim Blumenfeld presents “Sfirish”. Featuring the ultra talented Moishy Kraus of MK Choir, this

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Yossi Mayer and the “Sweet Sound of Chassidish” 0

Williamburg’s Yossi Mayer gives it his all in his debut album, Reb Meir Oimer By Sender Gottenstark If you’ve been to a Williamsburg wedding over the past few years, or if you’ve listened to a few Moshe Goldman albums, or

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Yossi Mayer & Gideon Levine LIVE with Nachum Segal 0

Did YOU Hear Monday Night’s Edition of The Nachum Segal Show?!!. Click the link below to hear Monday night’s edition of The Nachum Segal Show when Nachum hosted the legendary producer, singer, & songwriter Gideon Levine with new singing sensation

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YOSSI MAYER IS HERE!!! See the Video Sampler 0

IN STORES NOW!!!. A beautiful album with a new rising star by the name of Yossi Mayer. His debut album will be called “Reb Meir Omer”. A GYL Production, Produced by Gideon Levine. Featuring music arranged by a talented and

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