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Yossi Fried With A New Single & Video “Ich Bin a Held”

Singer Yossi Fried is releasing a brand new single, which he also composed himself called Ich Bin a Held. The song was arranged and produced by Menachem Friedman.

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Chaim Shlomo Mayesz Sings “Ich Bin Git”

Singer Chaim Shlomo Mayesz wanted to uplift Am Yisrael with an upbeat song but couldn’t find the right sound… until he met Yossi Fried. Yossi played him a tune he had written and Mayesz immediately saw the connection to the

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Moishy Wales & Yoely Greenfeld – Tateh

Moishy Wales – known as the energetic singer from Israel is giving out his first single, Feat. the artist & singer Yoely Greenfeld from the United States of America, With the perfect song and perfect wording from Halel just in

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Dudi Kalisch, Motty Vizel & Yossi Fried: “Mayim Bochim”

Listen to an amazing melody “Mayim Bochim” a composition by talented young rising composer ‘Yossi Fried‘ from the UK, a song that tears the heart of its listener to pieces, a melody full of emotion, musicality, this is one that

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Gershi Uri – “Elokai Neshumu” [Official Music Video]

The words ‘Elokai Neshamah‘ we say everyday in the Birches Hashachar before morning prayers, now after listening to this heart stirring melody the words have a whole different meaning to me! Composed by the master Yossi Fried, a super composer

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Vocalist Menashe Lichtenstein With A New Single “Ahavas Olam”

It was just a regular afternoon in London, UK. Yossi Fried had been pacing back and forth, trying to get some tunes out of his head which were stuck there for a little while. Finally he sat down at his

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