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Tag "Yosef Kugler"

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Yosef Kugler & Ari Goldwag – Gal Einai (Acapella Version)

Yosef Kugler and Ari Goldwag release an Acapella version of Yosef’s song “Gal Einai”, a heartfelt song from the tefila that asks Hashem for hatzlacha in learning and to open our eyes to His Torah’s beauty. It can be found

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Yosef Kugler With An Exciting New Single “Gomel Alai”

Yosef Kugler releases his eighth single, an upbeat and uplifting song titled “Gomel Alai,” an original composition with lyrics written by Eitan Finkelshtein. The song describes how, when reflecting on all the blessings in our lives and knowing that Hashem

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“HALLELU” Composed By Rabbi Yosi Lowenbraun Featuring Yosef Kugler & Moishe Lowenbraun

Up and coming singers Moishe Lowenbraun and Yosef Kugler release a beautiful, uplifting song titled “Hallelu“, written by Moishe‘s father, R’ Yosi Lowenbraun. Credits: Produced by Moshe Siegel Recorded and Mixed by Yaakov Englander https://music.apple.com/us/album/hallelu-single/1576996934 https://open.spotify.com/track/7GvddZrIgoTbI8xFxPbgZL?si=b17d19f5ece94039 B

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Yosef Kugler – Gal Einai (Official Audio)

Yosef Kugler releases his 5th single, Gal Einai, a heartfelt song from the tefila that asks Hashem for hatzlacha in learning and to open our eyes to His Torah’s beauty. It can be found on the first page of every

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Yosef Kugler – Tamid Itcha (Official Audio)

Yosef Kugler releases his 4th single, a powerful and heartful song, that talks about how Hashem is always with you no matter the situation. Our world as we know it is full of constant fear and uncertainty amidst the pandemic

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Yosef Kugler – Ein Omer (Official Audio)

We often get frustrated when it feels like our tefilos are unanswered. The message of this song is that nothing goes unheard, and Hashem is always listening and answering our tefilos, even if we don’t realize it. He is always

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Yosef Kugler – Nolda (Official Audio)

More than a year after his debut single Shira Chadasha, rising singer Yosef Kugler decided the time has come to release another song. “Nolda“, a beautiful and pumping song that describes how when one completely immerses himself in finding the

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Yosef Kugler “Shira Chadasha” [Official Music Video]

The time has come for rising singer Yosef Kugler to release his debut single titled Shira Chadasha. This upbeat song is a great way to pump up the rest of your summer and beyond. The song was composed, arranged, and

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