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New From MRM Music – The Nanach Collection Vol. 4

From MRM Music and Nanach Nation comes the fourth installment in the Nanach Collection Series! Featuring Artists such as Dudi Knopfler, Sruli Broncher, Nerya Angel, Eli Levin, Elad Shaer, Itzik Eshel, Eve & Lear, Yoely Lebovits, and More! This CD

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Yoely Lebovits – “Rosh Hashanah Kol Hashanah”

Yoely Lebovits / Pester Rebbe is widely known as one of today’s leaders in Jewish entertainment, serving us with a unique mix of song, comedy and spiritual inspiration. Yoely‘s talent is so diverse that besides for being famous as a

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The Purim Collection [Audio Preview]

New from MRM Music comes “The Purim Collection” featuring some of the best classic and new Purim hits! Featuring artists such as Eitan Katz, Gilad Potolski, Yoely Lebovits, Kinderlach, Hillel Kapnick, the New York Boys Choir, Mendy Jerufi, and more!

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Yoely Lebovits Announces New Kumzits Band “Ohr Choizer”

Yoely Lebovits a.k.a. the Pester Rebbe announced the following yesterday on social media: After 18 years of doing Kumzitzen throughout the world, I have decided to launch an official musical band with very talented individuals. When I sing with them

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Al Hanissim – Yoely Lebovits – Chanuka Single

You know When the “Chanuka Light Moment” happened? When despite them knowing that all the oil was not pure, there were some people who believed so deeply that Hashems light will always keep shining, so they searched anyway… And its

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Yoely Lebovits Releases New Music Video For Purim: Ad Deloy Yooda #ADY

I’m the spirit of Purim, Yoely Lebovits, who is usually more known as a badchen or comedian, is launching a music video of his latest single. It’s a beautiful composition by Antshie, filmed by Mendy Leonorovits from On Time Studios.

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Yoely Lebovits answers what is the meaning of “PESTERIZE”?

With his new album being released tomorrow and both Twitter and Facebook being flooded with the hashtag #Pesterize, everyone is asking WHAT DOES IT MEAN???! In this video clip Yoely answered everyones question.

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Thruway – Yoely Lebovits – BoonDash

As promised a little after noon today the following  music video was released on Thruway, Written, Composed & sung by Yoely Lebovits, The Pester Rebbe On the New Comedy CD BoonDash Video Produced by – Yoely Stauber

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New Boon-Dash Entertainment THIS SUNDAY

Log on Sunday 27th to for some more entertainment… It will launch at 12 sharp! – and you thought Yoely Lebovits was done after VeeIzDeCoverFinDeGrapeJuice and Boon-Dash?

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