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Yidi Bialostozky Feat. Kalmey Schwartz, Shmaya Fischer, Sruly Altman, Bentzy Weberman & Chaim Brown in A New Rendition of The Chabad Hit: “De Rebbe is Gezunt”

When the Rebbe got recovered after suffering a serious heart attack, the legendary Chassid Reb Yisroel Duchman put these lyrics onto a traditional Russian melody. The chassidim danced to this song all night long rejoicing while the Rebbe was regaining

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Veshuvi Bunim – Motty Ilowitz

The 11th of Cheshvan is the anniversary of Rachel Imainu’s death. For thousands of years, Jews come to pour out their hearts at her grave, because a mother always listens and she cries for, and with, us. To commemorate this

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Ani Ma’amin – Accapela – Yedidim Choir

An uplifting Ani Ma’amin Mashup/Medley preformed at the Kapayim Fundraiser in Williamsburg 1) Ani Ma’amin originally performed by MBD on Moshiach Album 2) Ani Ma’amin composed by Dudi Kalish originally performed by Avremi Roth On Belz מלכותו נצח album 3)

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