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New Music Video – Ana Hashem Anenu – Please Answer Us!

Like everyone else here in Israel, we here in Beit Shemesh were running back and forth from Hakafos to shelter as the sirens were blaring. It was hard to focus on the words we were saying. Afterwards it became clear

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ARI GOLDWAG – MA RABU (feat. Yitzy Kaplowitz) [Official Video]

Ari Goldwag is back with another great video and song, composed by and featuring Yitzy Kaplowitz – Ma Rabu. The song expresses the importance of appreciating the wonders of Hashem’s creation. The video brings out this idea with characters who

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Yitzy Kaplowitz With A New Single “When”

When is my heartfelt tefillah for the RBS”O to have rachmanus on his beloved children and allow us to be united through the ultimate redemption. Please join me in beseeching our Heavenly Father to bring an end to our galus

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V’haviosim – Yitzy Kaplowitz [Music Video]

V’haviosim is the latest release from singer songwriter and guitarist Yitzy Kaplowitz. Enjoy this uplifting and energetic song. May we be zoche to return to Yerushalayim Habenuyah with the binyan Bais Hamikdash b’mheirah b’yameinu. Click like and subscribe to hear

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Yitzy Kaplowitz With A New Single For The Yomim Noroim “Hayom”

Hayom is the title track and the latest single to be released from singer/songwriter/guitarist Yitzy Kaplowitz’s upcoming debut album. A number of years ago at a time when there were many tragedies happening in Eretz Yisrael I sat down at

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Yitzy Kaplowitz – Ein Od Milvado

Ein Od Milvado is the second single to be released from singer/songwriter/guitarist Yitzy Kaplowitz’s upcoming debut album Hayom. The song was inspired while learning an interesting maamar from the Nesivos Shalom ZY”A. It’s easy to recognize the divine providence, the

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Yitzy Kaplowitz Ki Heim Chayeinu (feat. Zevi Daniel)

Yitzy Kaplowitz is a singer/songwriter/ guitarist on a mission to share heartfelt and inspiring Jewish music. Yitzy has been composing and performing since he was a young boy, but he put his musical pursuits on hold for a number of

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Yitzy Kaplowitz Releases Debut Single “Refaeinu”

This song was written in the merit that my dear friend Refael Daniel Mordechai ben Chaya Shifra will have a quick and complete Refuah Shleimah. Please daven for Refael Daniel among Cholei Yisrael.

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