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Tenor Productions “Bikashti”

If you’ve heard anything in Jewish music over the past 20 years, you’ve definitely heard at some point a vocal track of Motty Rottler. There’s almost no album that doesn’t have his vocal flavor on it. In honor of his

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The Children’s Choir “Shir Hallel”Release Their Debut Single “Hineni B’Yadcha”

Yisrael Bergman is releasing a debut cover single of the new children’s group called Shir Hallel, led by R’ Meir Paneth. This children’s choir combines melody and harmony for Chuppahs and professional studios. After a number of months of practice

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New Single – Tate Hashiveinu

Here’s a Brand New Single by the Upcoming Star “Avremi Lunger” and Child Soloist “Nusi Fuchs” Composed by: Yanky Ausch Produced by: Yisrael Bergman Arranged by: Eliyahu Cohen Guitarist: Gil Shanir Drums: Eidu Shushan Child Soloist: Nusi Fuchs Choir: International

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Singer Yisrael Bergman Reveals “Tefilat Chizkiyahu”

Singer Yisrael Bergman is releasing his first single “Tefilat Chizkiyahu“, which he composed himself. The arrangement was done by international pianist R’ Menachem Bristovsky. Vocal Arrangement: Yisrael Weitzman & Yaakov Rotblatt Drums: Avi Avidani Guitar: Avi Singolda Flute: Yaakov Eisenthal

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