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Yossi Green Presents: Ata Kodoish (Vocall Edition)

World renown composer Yossi Green just released the hit single “Ata Kodoish” off the widely popular “Yiddish Nachas” album as a special vocal version for Sefira. The song was produced and features vocal arrangement by Moishe Kraus of MK Studios,

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Singer/Songwriter Naftali Blumenthal Releases Debut Single/Music Video S.O.S (Source of Strength)

Jewish music and its styles have definitely grown and evolved over the years. Today, listeners Baruch Hashem have a wide variety of styles, from 8th day’s unique, fresh sound of blending both English and Yiddish lyrics to the Chassidic stylings

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[TabletMag] Chofetz Chaim Footage Becomes Election Ad

Building on the newly-discovered video of the Chofetz Chaim attending the Agudat Yisrael’s first-ever gathering in Vienna in 1923, the ultra-Orthodox, or haredi, Israeli political party Yahadut Hatorah has released an election video and catchy campaign jingle by noted haredi

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