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Yerachmiel’s Back: Get Bi’yedei Shamayim Today!

All new album from Yerachmiel! He’s back with a CD popping with energy. This new CD is infused with so many exciting songs, along with a few soulful tracks. Yerachmiel does not disappoint. Whether you are a long time fan

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YERACHMIEL releases New single for Adar: Disguises

Singer/composer Yerachmiel is at it again! He is releasing yet another New song. This one is a Purim song called “Disguises”. The song will be available on for purchase. You can enjoy a little taste of the song below.

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YERACHMIEL with a all new Single & Album

Singer/songwriter Yerachmiel (Zeigler) is set to release a all NEW album in time for Chanukah. Yerachmiel’s last album was a joint project with Aaron Razel and was entitled “The Secret of Shabbos -Raza D’Shabbos”. Since then Yerachmeil has released countless

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Download all new song by Yerachmiel for Chanukah!

Download an all new Chanukah song, by Yerachmiel, on!

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Mishenichnas Single by Yerachmiel and Gavriel

Shalom! Hope you’re feeling the happy Adar spirit. Here’s something to help you do that. This song is called Mishenichnas, by Yerachmiel and Gavriel. This is a preview of the kind of style we’re going to bring to Jewish Music

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Yerachmiel & Aaron Razel: The Secret of Shabbos – Jan 7, 2010 at Reshimu

Yerachmiel & Aaron Razel — The Secret of Shabbos — Jan 7, 2010 at Reshimu what can i say good music and a free hot bowl of chulent. its the best way to prepare for shabbos. 50nis entrance 40nis for

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Yerachmiel and Aaron Razel – Raza DShabbos

Two colleagues, or actually two friends, have started a new path. Each morning, the two friends study together, however, with time; Aaron Razel has discovered that his companion has composed many songs for the Shabbat. Yerachmiel Zeigler who is better

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