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Tag "Yeled Yehudi"

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A New Song By The Mishalot Boys Choir “Bein Kodesh Le’Chol”

The Mishalot Boys Choir just released a new single. Its a cover of the popular song “Bein Kodesh Le’Chol” released and recorded by Shuli Rand and Amir Dadon. This cover features special guest Neria Okaby who was famous as a

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Neriyah Okvi – Melech Melochim

Wunderkind Neriyah Okvi who is known for his previous two singles “Yeled Yehudi” and “Keter Shel Torah”, just released the third single “Melech Melochim” from his upcoming debut album. Neriyah has appeared at numerous simchas, chuppahs and events around the

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New Single Neriyah Okvi – Keter Shel Torah

Neriyah Okvi, a 15 year old boy from Petach Tikva who is well-known for his single “Yeled Yehudi”, is returning with another single “Keter Shel Torah” whose message is intended as chizzuk for Klal Yisrael during these troublesome times. Credits:

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