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I find myself during this time in a state of sadness and despair. Israel feels alone, Hashem also feels alone. We need something deep, something that opens the heart, to give us strength to pray from our innermost beings and

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Yidi Bialostozky & Hershy Langsam With A New Mexican Music Video: “Emes”

On my recent trip to Mexico with mis amigos Hershy & Menachem, we met some interesting people and discovered interesting things. Hop on and join me on my journey. Emes is an uplifting song I composed a while back and

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Sessions with Shulem: Yomim Noraim Medley ft. Mendy Hershkowitz

As we get closer to the Yomim Noraim, the High Holy Days, I present to you this soulful medley. Made up of some of the most classic, well-known songs for this time of year, its purpose is to elevate and

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Levi Cohen – Koirim (Official Audio)

It’s simple, we’re blessed, we as a nation are forever blessed for we bow and live for the creator of the world, in all truth and glory, in the most real way possible, whilst the rest.. maybe not. Its a

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