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Tag "Yaakov Motzen"

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Retzei B’Menuchaseinu – Cantor Yaakov Motzen – Martin Meir Widerker

Cantor Yaakov Motzei performs this incredible special melody composed by Meir Martin Widerker. This song, Ritzei, is featured from the upcoming 4th album in the series of Shabbos songs. The rhythmic melody expresses the atmosphere of Shabbos Menuacha interpreted in

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Martin Widerker ft Eli Hartzlich & Yaakov Motzen – Tov Lehodot

A wonderful combination of emotion and depth, in a heartfelt duet by the renowned singers Eli Herzlich and Yaakov Motzen. Performed in a spectacular and perfect production in the tradition of ‘Widerker‘ from his upcoming fourth album, featuring Shabbos songs.

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Yisrael Stern Presents: Shir HaYeshuot Shel Rosh Yeshiva – Shivti!

One of the most important Roshei yeshiva in Israel, sat and studied various matters about the mikdash, and came across the words of the Baal Shem Tov that says, “מקום שאדם חושב שם הוא” This point also reminded him of

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First Congregation Anshe Sfard of Boro Park: KUMZITS YEHUDA & FRIENDS

First Congregation Anshe Sfard of Boro Park KUMZITS YEHUDA GREEN & FRIENDS with Special Guest Cantors Yaakov Motzen – Yossi Pomerantz Yaakov Rosenfeld – Simcha Rotenberg Daniel Gildar on the Piano Motzei Shabbos, January 12th 2019 – 8:30pm 4502 14th

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Tonight – Mincha & Maariv Sefira with Chazzan Benzion Miller, Chazzan Israel Rand & Chazzan Yaakov Motzen

Congregation Young Israel Beth-El of Borough Park Activities Committee presents Mincha & Maariv Sefira featuring Chazzan Benzion Miller Chazzan Israel Rand Chazzan Yaakov Motzen accompanied by the Y.I.B.E. Aaron Miller Memorial Choir Directed by Shimmy Miller May, 15th 2011 –

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Chai Lifeline Canada presents: Sing For The Children starring Marvin Hamlisch, Yaakov Motzen, Moshe Schulhof & Alex Stein

Chai Lifeline Canada presents Sing For The Children starring MARVIN HAMLISCH featuring Yaakov Motzen, Moshe Schulhof & Alex Stein With Special Guest Star Cantor Zevi Muller and a special Tribute to the Music of Shlomo Carlebach Monday April 4th, 2011

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Yoivel celebrates Sha’alvim meeting with Mona’s New Song

Singers Dov Hendler, Yisroel Parnes and brothers Shmuel & Aryeh Brunner – Sha’alvim meeting alumni, will perform for the first time a new song produced especially followers celebrate the anniversary meeting. With them will be world famous cantor Yaakov Motzen,

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