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“What Does Haman Say?” by A.K.A. Pella [Official Music Video]

Ladies and gentlemen its been close to 7 years since the world was first introduced to the phenomenon that is A.K.A Pella. With the release of their second music track EVER “What Does Haman Say?“, the famed group has decided

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A.K.A. Pella Releases New Music Single “What Does Haman Say?”

Even though we are 5+ weeks away from Purim, the guys over at A.K.A. Pella have taken advantage of the 2 Adars this year and are back with a parody which is sure to put you in the Purim mood.

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A.K.A. Pella To Release New Single In Honor of Adar

A.K.A. Pella is set to release a new single in honor of Adar and the approaching yom tov of Purim entitled “What Does Haman Say.” The new single will be up soon for download and we will give you more

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