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Sukkos With Sulam 2019: Benny Friedman, OHAD!, Shulem Lemmer

The Donald Berman SULAM Special Education Centers In Israel p r e s e n t s SUKKOS with SULAM 2019 BENNY FRIEDMAN OHAD! SHULEM LEMMER At The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Musical Director: Gershon Freishtat Chol Hamoed Sukkos – Wednesday,

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​Introducing: “Nussach Green” Avremi Roth & Friends

Introducing: “Nussach Green” Avremi Roth and friends A first glimpse at the new and intriguing project from Yochai Kfir and Yossi Green A few years ago, one of the fortunate composers in Jewish music, Yossi Green, was present at a

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Shabbos Nusach Green Is Almost Here!

WHERE DID THE INITIAL IDEA TAKE ROOT? Yossi Green, whose songs are the subject of this project, explains that it all began as a whim when producer Aron Zisser decided to arrange a Shabbos getaway at the Leonardo Hotel in

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SONG OF LEGENDS An Exclusive Evening with MBD & Helfgot – Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem & World Class Travel presents SONG OF LEGENDS an exclusive evening with MORDECHAI BEN DAVID YITZCHAK MEIR HELFGOT Symphony Orchestra Led by Maestro Yoeli Dikman Wednesday, September 30th Chol Hamoed Sukkot 8:30pm The Grand Ballroom Waldorf Astoria

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