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DVD Trailer: Bracha & Nachas! Ft. Shmueli Ungar, Yiddish Nachas, Yedidim, Freilach

Bracha and Nachas – the highly anticipated DVD is finally here! A MK Production, Featuring: Shmueli Ungar Moshy Kraus Yossi Green Yiddish Nachas Dovy Meisels Shimmy Engel Velvi Feldman Naftali Schnitzler R’ Velvel Goldstein The Yedidim Choir | Music by

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MK Productions Presents: Brocho Un Nachas – Shmueli Ungar, Yiddish Nachas & Friends

MK Productions Presents Brocho Un Nachas SHMUELI UNGAR & YIDDISH NACHAS Yossi Green – Velvel Goldstein – Shimmy Engle – Dovi Meisels – Velvi Feldman Monday Chol Hamoed Pesach – April 2nd, 2018- 7:0opm Masters Theater – 1029 Brighton Beach

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Schnitzler and Taussig in the Studio

Michoel Schnitzler and Shloime Taussig in the Studio having a little fun after they recorded vocals for the new song “Yevoreich Es Haneorim” for R’ Velvi Feldman’s Vachtnacht.

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New song released in honor of R’ Velvi Feldman’s Vachtnacht- Yevorech Es Haneorim

This song was released Thursday Night, December 16th, 2010, in honor of our dear friend and Badchen R’ Velvi Feldman’s Vachtnacht celebration in New Square, NY. Song: יְבָרֵךְ אֶת-הַנְּעָרִים Composition: Sruli Green Music: Chesky Breuer Produced: אך שמח Vocals (Listed

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Who Are The Composers Behind Lipa’s New Smashing Hit?

And finally, Who Are The Composers Behind Lipa’s New Smashing Hit ? Pinky Weber, Yitzchok Landau, Yossi Green, Motty Ilowitz , Beri Weber, MBD, Shauli Grossman, Mendy Hershkowitz and Velvi Feldman

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