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SHMIL Presents: A Moving Performance of The Piyut “Unesaneh Tokef”

Just before Rosh Hashanah, the Chabad singer from France SHMIL, presents for the benefit of the baalei tzibur and the general public, a moving rendition of the well-known piut “Unesaneh Tokef” with a Chabad tune known as the ‘Nigun Poltova’,

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Elozar Dorfman – Nussach Rosh Hashanah “Unesaneh Tokef”

Elozar Dorfman, a well known and sought after Baal Tefillah is out with a 3rd Yomim Noraim Nusach added to the one of a kind series. This time he takes us on the moving “journey” of Unesaneh Tokef. One of

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Shimmy Fried In a Performance Full Of Emotion “Unesaneh Tokef” In The Breslov Nusach

Shimmy Fried released his Breslev version of Unesaneh Tokef as a single for all of those people who were not able to be in Uman this year and missed out on his davening. The track was arranged by Yoeli Dickman.

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“Adon Ha’Selichot” From The East & West – Tzvi Weiss & Chananel Ochana

Here is a special joint endeavor between Chazzan Tzvi Weiss from the Great Synagogue in Yerushalayim, and singer Chananel Ochana, combining the Sefardic Piyut Adon Ha’Selichot with Unesaneh Tokef. Avihu Yitzchak arranged and musically produced the track, together with Yehuda

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“Emes” Eitan Kleinman Sings Yossi Green

Singer and composer Eitan Kleinman is releasing a new single from his third upcoming album, giving a new interpretation to one of Yossi Green’s classics, with the words from Unesaneh Tokef. The song was arranged and produced by Ido Gonen.

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An Open Letter From Avraham Fried To The People Who Attended His Last Concert

Avraham Fried wrote an emotional and impassioned letter to his concert attendees in Lod. “My dear brothers, I am writing to you from my heart to yours. It is 3 in the morning, on Friday of Parshas Vayeilech. I’m flying

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