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Avraham Fried In A New Music Video From ‘TZAMA’: “Hakel Es Ha’om”

In honor of the Sukkot holiday of the year of Hakel, chasidic singer Avraham Fried in a new single clip from the ‘Tzama‘ project for the lyrics of Hakel to the well-known Hupp Cossack tune attributed to the Shpole Zeida.

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Right Before Sefira & During The Coronavirus Pandemic: Mendy Jerufi Presents “Tzama” The Favorite Hit With A Refreshing New Rendition

“צמאה לך נפשי כמה לך בשרי בארץ ציה ועייף בלי מים” Rashi interprets the possuk by explaining “צמא ותאב אני לבוא אליך בבית תפילתך” Dovid HaMelech expresses the longing for all of us these days to visit family, friends, daven

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New Single – Yonatan Razel “Ein Od Milvado” From The Upcoming Tzama 5 Album

Singer and composer Yonatan Razel is reviving the veteran Chabad niggun Ein Od Milvado with a brand new arrangement and performance of the song. The song has a modern and contemporary sound, and was produced by Naor Karmi. This was

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Ther Fifth Single Off Tzama 5 – Bini Landau Landau In A Melody For Shabbat & Yom Tov

R’ Neriah‘s 23rd Yahrtzeit will be next week and the next single from the Tzamah 5 album is being released in honor of it. The song is performed by Bini Landau.

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