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Yoni Eliav – Funk Medley 2016

Yoni Eliav and his band are back! Its been two years since they released their first video “Funk Medley 2014” featuring the best wedding singers in both Israel and America arranged and masterfully performed by the band. In the last

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Sympinny Live Cruise Ship Concert Feat: Beri Weber & The Zemiros Group

An awesome rendition of Beri Weber‘s hit song “Der Veber“. Song performed on Yeshiva Imrei Shefer‘s annual cruise ship concert.

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“Light Em Up” – Beri Weber ft. The Zemiros Group

Beri Weber & The Zemiros Group “Light Em Up” for Chanuka! Directed & Produced by: Beri Weber Vocals: Beri Weber Choir: The Zemiros Group Lyrics: Unlisted Actors: Chanina & Tantzers Original Tune: Fall Out Boy Video Shoot: Motti Engel Audio

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TYA Presents Motzai Shabbos LIVE Men’s Only Kumzitz With The Zemiros Group

TYA Torah Youth presents Motzai Shabbos LIVE Men’s Only Kumzitz featuring The Zemiros Group with the Zemer Orchestra Motzai Shabbos March 7th – 9pm Suburban Orthodox Cong. Ticket Prices: Bochurim $5 Men: $10

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