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TYH Nation Presents: Rebbe Tell Me – Mendy Worch

On everyone’s mind is the age old question “what is the purpose of it all?” “Why are we here and what are we supposed to be focusing on?” We turn to our Rabbeim, our teachers, who, with the knowledge of

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TYH Nation Presents: Keser Melucha – Yoely Klein & Shaya Gross

The request for this song came from the Heilige tzaddik the Mezibezer Rebbe, Rabbi Rosenbaum, who envisioned a song that could be sung with his chassidim as they gather together for Rosh Hashana. The words express the excitement and anticipation

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TYH Nation Presents Kos Yeshuos – ​Zusha – Farbrengable Studios

TYH Nation Presents Kos Yeshuos – כוס ישועות @Zusha Music Farbrengable Studios Our newest release is written to the timeless words from Havdallah. ליהודים היתה אורה ושמחה וששון ויקר: כוס ישועות אשא ובשם ה׳ אקרא: Rav Hirsch writes that the

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